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We evaluate and coordinate care for:

  • Cleft lip

  • Cleft palate

  • Skull problems

  • Ear problems

  • Other head or facial abnormalities

Approved California Children's Services Center

The Craniofacial Program at Stramski is a California Children’s Services (CCS) approved Special Care Center. This means our multidisciplinary care team is specially designated by CCS to oversee all care coordination and case management for patients in this program. Patients typically qualify for the Craniofacial CCS Special Care Center based on medical diagnosis, complexity of their disease and financial status.

Unique Craniofacial Team

Our care team is an extensive multidisciplinary team of experts, including plastic/craniofacial surgeons, a neurosurgeon, clinical psychologist, pediatric dentist, speech and language therapist, nurse specialists and social worker. The speech and language therapist is an essential member of this team and provides evaluation of speech, language, resonance and feeding disorders. The team has regular meetings to coordinate and discuss patient recommendations in order to develop a thorough assessment of each child's case.  From there, the team will work with families to direct his or her care and discuss craniofacial surgery as a corrective treatment if necessary, refer for psychological evaluation as needed and provide mental health support for patient(s) and their family.

Craniofacial Team
Dr. Melanie Blumenthal, MD

Craniofacial Program Director

Children's Village location

Dr. David Dorfman, MD

Plastic Surgeon

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Keith Hurvitz, MD

Plastic Surgeon


Jen Fassoth_edited_edited.jpg
Jennifer Fassoth, RN, MSN

Craniofacial Program

Team Coordinator

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