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High-Risk Infant


Our program provides extensive follow-up care to infants discharged from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Miller Children’s & Women's Hospital Long Beach and other surrounding hospitals. Infants who experience unusual or difficult birth circumstances may need extensive medical follow-up care after discharge. This program allows parents to learn more about their baby and ways to help their him or her develop.

What Is HRIF?

Parents may have questions or concerns about caring for an infant who is experiencing developmental delay or is transitioning out of the NICU. Our expert developmental care team begins building a relationship with the family and patient during their stay in the NICU and may continue through the age of three. This continuum of care and warm, friendly environment makes Stramski's High-Risk Infant Follow-Up (HRIF) Program one of the region’s finest.

Care Provided

The High-Risk Infant Follow-Up Program provides families with information needed to promote, facilitate and enhance their children’s developmental goals. The HRIF care team offers medical and developmental case management for children following discharge. The team monitors the infant’s progress and offers ongoing support to the family.


The care we provide includes the following:

  • Growth and development assessment

  • Instruction on medication, equipment, and special procedures

  • Education on age-appropriate play behaviors

  • Family support

  • Coordination with community and health resources

Approved California Children's Services Center

The High-Risk Infant Follow-Up Program at Stramski is a California Children’s Services (CCS) approved Special Care Center. This means our multidisciplinary care team is specially designated by CCS to oversee all care coordination and case management for patients in this program. Patients typically qualify for the High-Risk Infant CCS Special Care Center based on medical diagnosis, complexity of their disease, and financial status.


The HRIF care team is a group of developmental experts dedicated exclusively to high-risk infants and their families. The team consists of developmental pediatricians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists and social workers who will help guide families and young patients throughout their journey.

High-Risk Infant Follow-Up Team
Christina Pearce, CRNP

HRIF Program Director

Nurse Practitioner

Robin Olson, RN

HRIF Program Coordinator

Registered Nurse

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